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Rizalva is AMAZING! I have been using her for years for all my eyelash and eyebrow needs, and I wont use anybody else. You know how you have that one person that knows how to do your hair or nails JUST the way you like it, and you follow them wherever they go? Well, Rizalva is that person for me!

She takes great care and pride in her work, never rushing or doing a sub-par job. She is definitely a perfectionist, but that's a good quality in this line of work. I have always left my appointments with her extremely happy in the quality of work she does. She's very knowledgeable and professional.  Not to mention, she's great company as well. Always makes me feel relaxed and at ease, and like a I'm part of her family.

The lashes i get from her are fantastic. They always look natural and last about a month. (this is for the cheaper ones $45, she also offers the more expensive individual lashes that last 2 months, not sure on the price though) She is a miracle worker on my eyebrows as well. I've never had someone take so much time with my brows, its great!

She offers facials and lots of other services too, i'm just not sure on the specifics.

Check her out, you wont be disappointed!
I have been going to Rizalva for my armpits, eyebrow and Brazilian waxing for the past two months. I absolutely love her! She is professional, a very sweet person, she takes her time and makes the experience very comfortable. She did great job on my mom brow tattooing. Looks super natural - everyone commented on how natural they look. I've had 3 chemical peels done by her and my skin has never looked better. I recommend Rizalva 100%!
Very good service. I have very thick, uni-brow like eyebrows and like to make them more presentable. not every eyebrow professional can clean up a man's eyebrows and shape it like a man eyebrow should look. Rizalva did a really good job. I was just checking out Sola Salon with my girlfriend and we are glad we met Rizalva at the door.
I drive from San Diego, no big feat, 80 miles round trip. But once you find someone you completely trust, you'll travel anywhere. I totally trust Rizalva to do all my waxing, dying my brows and lashes before she does my lash extensions. Bottom line is she knows what she's doing, and charges a fair price. I always feel wonderful after leaving, and that's what it's all about, right?
Rizalva is truly amazing at brows. I have very light and sparse brows. She has tinted and shaped them for me several times now and the results are amazing. My eyes really pop. I would highly recommend her.
She is great! I told her that I wanted a natural look with my lashes and I got just that :) I was also interested in the brow tinting, but I was always a little nervous that they would be too dark. When I told Rizalva that, she made sure to not make my brows too dark. She did a great job and now I feel pretty without looking 'fake' :) She is great and affordable! I definitely will be coming back again soon for my lashes when I need them :) I'm so ad that I found Rizalva!!
Rizalva did such an AMAZING job tattooing my eyebrows. She gave me the eyebrows I've always dreamed of. I highly recommended her. She's was such an easy person to talk to while I was going threw the proses. Thank you so much!!
I just went back to see Rizalva for another brow session... this time I took it to the next level and had her do permanent makeup after seeing her before and after photos of her work, and I couldn't be happier! My brows look amazing. I have received so many compliments and everyone wants to know where I got those brows!
She really is an artist.
She took moments during procedure how I like to be done and anything to change. Friendly and experienced.
This was my first time ever going in to get my eyebrows tattooed and Rizalva greeted me with a hug when I arrived for my appointment. We started the appointment off with her showing me a lot of her before and after pictures and she explained how she was going to use my natural eyebrows and add to it to get the shape I wanted. I explained to her that I've held off for so long to get my eyebrows tattooed because all the other places I researched that did permanent makeup had horrible reviews and that she was the first person that I felt confident with going to. I am so glad I was able to find her! She is very passionate about her job and takes the time to make sure her work is perfect. I love that I no longer have to draw in my eyebrows daily and her work looks natural. She was very sweet, funny, caring, and knows how to do her job very well. Definitely looking forward to going back to her for additional services!
Amazing! I am new to town and decided to take my chances with a Groupon for a Brazilian wax. I picked Rizalva because I also wanted to get eyelash extensions. I couldn't risk a bad eyelash job. She was so wonderful! The Brazilian was very fast. I have had a Brazilian done all over the US and it always kills so having it be quick is my only criteria.

Now EYELASHES!!! I was worried they would look fake and tacky so she convinced me to dye my lashes first then put on the *2 week ($45)* not *2month ($99)*. Which was amazing. They look so natural. She took her time with me. I was expecting to spend at least $120 after tip and it didn't even come close to that. She was more concerned with how I looked and felt and not looking to up sell for her own profit.  I am so happy I found her!!!!

Ps. Her space is in the kaleidoscope past the AT&T store under the Buffalo Wild Wings through the salon doors to the right!
I had a great experience here at beauty by rizalva. I had a groupon and decided to try it out and am so happy I came here. I had a Brazilian wax and it turns out she's Brazilian so it she definitely knows what she's doing. I recommend this place, she does other things too, check out her website. You can make an appt online as she sometimes can't  answer the phone when she's with a client
Rizalva loves what she does and her talent is impeccable. She is personable, friendly, and cares about her clients. I have had waxing, threading, and a facial from her and my results are perfect. I really recommend her services to anyone that wants to look and feel better :)
I originally went in for a facial but she suggested lash tint and eyebrow threading. I was happy with all 3 services. She took a lot of time to do extractions on the facial
as I asked and I look so much better without make-up on with the lash tint. I will be back again very soon!
Oh love this lady! I was very nervous about getting my eyebrows done.  I  was put to ease right away.  Very professional,  clean working area.  Going back for a touch up in a couple of weeks.  I have already told my friends !
Rizalva is amazing!!! I have gone to her for multiple services such as eyebrow wax/threading, Brazilian wax, chemical peels, and a facial. She takes her time, and you can tell she really enjoys what she does. I feel very comfortable going to her. Other places are cheaper, but you you get what you pay for. I will continue to go to Rizalva!! Thanks for making look and feel sexy.
Love her !!! I got a groupon deal for one time Brazilian wax. She did it fast and very clean. She even helped me removed a lot ingrowns. I have purchased from groupon for brazillian wax before, but every service i got were terrible. I start to think because the groupon deal is so cheap so those estheticians don't want to put too much effort on their work. Rizalva is different, she was very friendly,and very professional, there are no hairs left after the waxing. I highly recommend this place, and i will definitely go back for her service again.
Rizalva is great! She's definitely an expert at what she does. I highly recommend Rizalva to improve your appearance for whatever you need.
Sweetest lady in the universe, hands down. I have had my eyebrows permanently done by her and she is AMAZING. They are the perfect shape and perfect color. Not to mention, both times I have been in she has put slippers on my feet and tucked me in with a blanket before starting the procedure. She is incredible at what she does and really goes above and beyond!
Made the Brazilian wax as tolerable as can be.She even took extra time to help get out any ingrown hairs. Office is clean and comfortable.
Rizalva is amazing!!! loved my services: eyebrow tint, shaping with threading, lip threading, mini facial and eyelash tint......her space is so relaxing and the detox tea after is the cherry on top!!  If you are looking to brighten your look in a lovely environment you MUST treat yourself and see Rizalva....and you can treat your friends and family with gift certificates....... Denise Laguna Niguel.....
Great service -- I have never had such attention to detail and I looked fab! No hesitation to recommend
LOVE Rizalva
I went to Rizalva to have permanent makeup done for my eyebrows and am pleased with the results. I love having the shape, fullness and color without the hassle each morning. Another benefit is that maintenance is minimal. Rizalva was very professional and on-time with all of my appointments (I have had eyebrow waxing done by her as well).  She is sweet, personable and skilled at what she does.  I think her prices are reasonable too. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.
Beauty by Rizalva is the place to go if you need a professional to help you with your eyebrow shaping needs. Rizalva is the ultimate artist and is very knowledgable. Her permanent make up is so precise and tailored to each individual's needs. I highly recommend her. Located at the Kaleidescope, it's very easy to find and has plenty of parking
I am amazed at the attention to detail and care that Rizalva takes when she is providing her waxing and threading. I highly recommend Rizalva for all her asthetic services .
All I Can say is WOW! I was very impressed with the results after Rizalva did my eyebrows. I love the way they look totally did wonders for me!.I'm always getting compliments on how good my Eyebrows look! Deffinitly Satisfied! Thank you Rizalva !!!
Rizalva is amazing with eyebrow shaping, permanent make up and facials! She is dedicated to her clients and is exceptional when it comes to service and results. I highly recommend Rizalva to anyone looking to improve their appearance or for a relaxing visit with a professional esthetician!
Rizalva is a professional that really knows her trade.  She does outstanding work and has great attention to detail and the clients needs.  Highly recommended!
Rizalva is THE BEST! I am naturally blonde and have very light eyebrows, and she talked me into dying them (I was terrified), and it turned out beautifully. I go back every month to dye and shape them now, and I always look forward to seeing her. She is extremely talented, and such a kind and funny woman, I always have a great time! Thank you Rizalva!!!
I absolutely LOVE my new brows. I was soo nervous and scared that I almost couldn't bring myself to do it but Rizalva was very nice and helped to calm me down. I have never done ANY kind of surgery or cosmetic procedure so this was a really big deal for me and I'm so happy with the results! My eyebrows are super blonde naturally and they are a little uneven. Rizalva penciled in two different shapes on me first and I loved the second one so I went with that one. She has a very good eye for what brow shape will compliment your face the best! My brows have made my face look more awake, symmetrical, and younger. The procedure was less than an hour and completely painless too!! I am so happy I don't have to worry about doing my eyebrows everyday and most especially for my wedding coming up! They are always flawless now. Love them, thanks so much Rizalva!:-)

Ps. I posted a picture of my new brows, I am the one with the blonde hair, red shirt, and hoop earrings.

Thx again!
Rizalva is amazing. I had semi permanent eye brows done today. The shape is beautiful, very little discomfort in application and this lady loves her job! Thank you, rizalva! No more tinting every 3 weeks!!! No more pencilling in and rubbing off! I will follow u anywhere!!!
Rizalva does a great Brazilian wax.  She does not rush and make sure to clean everything and the best part is very little in-grown on your next visit.  My past aesthetician was good but Rizalva is awesome.  I won't hesitate recommending her services to my family and friends.
Just went for my touch up, this woman is magic! My brows look great and she is so talented and sweet! If you have ever considered doing semi permanent brows, this is the place for you! I was terrified until I saw how great they turned out on a friend! Now I have beautiful brows when I wake up, swim, work out, you name it. Rizalva is amazing!
I saw Rizalva for permanent makeup (eyebrows) just last week. I liked her as soon as I met her, she was so sweet and welcoming. It was really cold that day so she put a heater on and gave me a soft blanket to make me as comfortable as possible. She colored in my brows to show me where the permanent makeup would be, to be sure that I liked it first. Then she numbed my brows and finished the whole process within an hour.

I've had my eyebrows done before a few years ago somewhere else and it took a lot longer and wasn't as painless. I'm happy I found Rizalva! I'm looking forward to seeing her for my touchup in 4 weeks.
I have been wanting to do this review for a while. Rizalva is very professional and she does care a lot about her work. She makes sure that all her work is perfect and well polished. She has been been doing my eyebrows for a while and I would not go anywhere else nor anybody else touch my eyebrows. Her work has quality, I noticed that every time I do my eyebrow makeup, its easier and faster because she already did a nice clean shape that lasts for a while, so its worth it. I do not see this same effect going to other places before. She is so good that I even trusted her to fix my Mom's tattooed eyebrows. She did an awesome job and now my Mom is happier and more confident of herself. Thanks Rizalva!
She's so professional! I love her work, her salon and her flexible self-serving scheduling system!
Great service, a professional and such attention to detail. I liked her immediately, she's so friendly and personable. Quick response when scheduling. I highly recommend Rizalva.
I don't write reviews very often, but I feel like I need to because I am so happy with my experience. Rizalva is amazing! She is so sweet and seems to know a lot about beauty. She took her time on my eyebrows and was very thorough, where as other places I have been I feel like they are so quick and don't pay attention to detail like Rizalva does. I was even 20 minutes late to my appointment because of traffic (I called ahead to let her know) and she was so patient and kind, and my eyebrows turned out perfect. Definitely going back to her from now on.
I have been going to Risalva now for over year for waxing of my dreaded ear hair and eye brows. She always goes the extra mile to me look my best. Like she always says "When you look great, you feel great!
Got a great deal thru groupon for a Brazilian wax! First time getting waxed using wax, I had only been sugared before so I was kind of nervous since I have sensitive skin. She was kind, fast, & a complete professional! The salon location is super cool too. I thought I was going to get a bumps or rash so that's why I booked it a couple of days before my Vegas trip but nope! my skin was in great condition! She makes you feel super comfortable so don't be nervous if its your first time she has been doing this for years and is very professional. She's super sweet. Great service I recommend!

P.S. GPS her salon from her website not yelp (yelp sent me to a residential area Idk why) I got lost lol The Salon is located at the kaleidescope.
WoW!!!! I am done looking for a place to get my eyebrows done. Rizalva is simply amazing! Her shop is clean, smells really nice and I almost fell asleep because I was so relaxed...From getting plucked ...seriously lol. She took such great care of me and it's an expert in her craft. She is a perfectionist in the best possible way.  Super nice, sweet and talented.
Ended up hating my permanent eyebrow makeup and I felt like I was pressured into it when I was there because Rizalva said she would give me $80 off if I did it right then. I thought about it a little bit, this was a huge deal for me, and then she said that I had already taken up an hour of her time just deciding and that that would cost me $20 but that the money could go towards my permanent eyebrow makeup application. Long story short, I went through with it, ended up hating them; called Rizalva desperately looking for help to remove them and also emailed her about getting my money back since she made them much too dark for me (I am white blonde) really the reason why I hated them so much and she never emailed me back. I do think that she means no harm, but bottom line she is trying to run her own business, and I was just business to her - not a person. This was THE BIGGEST REGRET OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Don't do it, and if you do and you hate them - contact Carol Packman for removal. I just had my second removal session today. It's no fun, but we have to do what we need to do to be happy. Rizalva if you read this, I do hope you can understand from my perspective. I would not want anyone to be in my shoes right now. Your natural self is always your best self!!
Rizalva is great! Being new to the OC area, I've tried a few places for waxing but now I only come to Rizalva for a Brazilian wax. Rizalva is very efficient, makes you feel comfortable, and is so sweet!
My girlfriend will be getting her monthly Brazilian waxing by Rizalva today. Woohoo! Rizalva does such a great job and she's the only one my girlfriend trusts to do it right and pain free. No bumps, no rash, just a clean pain free experience for her.
Guys! Get your girlfriend a gift certificate for something YOU can enjoy too!!
I absolutely LOVE Rizalva and her work. She works with what you have and strives to make you look and feel beautiful once you leave. I found her through Yelp, but I wasn't quite sure what to expect. She had great reviews though, and was reasonably priced, so I made an appointment. That was the best decision I could have made!! She shaped and tinted my brows, and it literally transformed my face. I ended up getting my lip waxed as well after explaining how I had been nervous in the past to try it. I wasn't pressured into getting any extra services, but I liked her, and immediately trusted her, so much that I wanted to try more! Her environment is incredibly relaxing, and her location is easy to get to. Free parking as well. I now work at a spa that offers great waxing, but I will remain a loyal client to Rizalva, until the end! I am beyond happy to have met her. I would recommend her to any family members, friends, or a complete stranger. She is fantastic! I hope to try out a facial next!
Rizalva is AWESOME!! She waxes, shapes and tints my eyebrows PERFECTLY!! And trust me, my eyebrows are NOT easy to work with! She takes her time, asks you questions, advises you and then does a FANTASTIC job! I HIGHLY recommend her!
It was my first time coming in for a wax that I had bought online through Groupon. The reason why I gave it four stars not five was that it was really hard to find. I had been to the kaleidoscope many times and never noticed the hidden salon section. When searching for the location I decided to call (twice) the store to make sure I didnt miss my appointment. She didnt answer but I found it and made it just in time!
She was really nice and sweet. It was my first time getting waxed so I was definitely scared and moving alot. She worked with me well and I appreciated her personality. Very open and nice! I will be definitely coming back!
My eyebrows always look amazing after she does them!! I've never had them dyed before but Rizalva suggested it and they look great!
I went to Rizalva before my wedding to get waxed. She is the sweetest lady ever. I was really nervous but she was so professional and good at what she does! It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. I definitely recommend her and will be returning in the future.

Rizalva is the best! Both time I was in and out for a Brazilian in 15 minutes. She's super quick so there wasn't time to think about the pain :) she offers a discount if you come back every 3-6 weeks and you can easily make an apt online which is great, I'm so bad at remembering to call places during the day. She's super sweet too. I'll keep going back for sure.
I'm Brazilian and since I've moved to the US I've been struggling with waxing and threading. Nobody was meeting my expectation (aesthetics is a real thing in Brazil and we expect nothing less than excellence). When I found Rizalva I didn't think twice and booked my appoint with her. The result? The best brazilian wax in Orange County! I have really sensitive skin and after 2 hours the rash is gone - my husband couldn't tell I've just waxed. She is kind, fast and completely professional - her salon is nothing but neat.
The location is great, but can be tricky if you have never been to Kaleidoscope. Just search for AT&T Store or Yogurtland and you'll easily find it - Sola Salon. Nice covered parking facility too.  I love it! Can't wait to be back for my brows!
There is a world of difference between others and the amazing job Rizalva does on my brows! She is a true artist and such a warm and lovely person. I feel confident about how I look when I leave and I always enjoy the experience.
This is a negative, but fair review of Beauty by Rizalva. Because of a thyroid issue, my brow hairs fell out and I painted on rather fake looking brows every day. A friend referred me to R for permanent eyebrow makeup, with the caveat that "she is hard to communicate with." I made an appt in March and took a friend, as this friend was interested in the procedure. R's prices were on her website, and I verified them when I arrived. I paid $400  with the right to a touchup in a year for $150. While sitting in a chair holding a mirror, I told R the shape of eyebrow I wanted. She drew on me with pencil an eyebrow nothing like I described. The eyebrow she drew was too square at the nose bridge, severely slanted upward and too short, ending immediately past the curve. It looked exactly like her own brows.  R insisted that the brow she drew was best for me, and that I should leave decisions like this up to her "the professional." My friend and I tried over and over to convince her to soften the brow and make it more graceful.  She continually talked over us and her response was always, "I won't do it if I don't think it looks good."  At the point where my friend and I were eyeing each other and the door, she sensed that we were ready to leave and agreed that she could do the procedure in a way that I would like. The procedure was painful but R talked me through it and she seemed very competent as she did it. At the end of the hour long procedure, she told me that the brows were not complete, but that I should let them heal, and then come back and she would make further refinements to them at no charge. She handed me the mirror and I turned around for my friend to see as I checked it out myself.  She had done the exact eyebrow she had originally drawn on me without any regard for the type of brow that I wanted! Furthermore, the brow was only outlined and "hair strokes" were only on the very short ends of the brow after the curve. I felt so disappointed and my friend was appalled. But R reassured me that when I returned, after the brows had healed, she could make any revisions and fill in the interior with the hair strokes. She said I would be healed in 7 to 10 days, but the scabs lasted 6 weeks and my students were horrified by the look of my brows.   I took good care of them, and they healed.  I got used to the shape, because, really, what else could I do? After school ended and after my vacation, I made an appt to get the revision.  Being the beginning of August, this gave me time to mostly heal before I faced my students again.  This time I went alone. R did not remember me. I explained that I was here for the revision and began to tell her what I wanted. She interrupted and said that it was too late for the revision, that I had to return within a month or I would have to pay for the procedure again. I felt dismayed because I didn't recall her telling me that it needed to be within a month.  I am drawing on my brows with pencil to look like hair and powdering the ends to try to make them match.  I am anxious to have a completed brow because I am doing more to make them look natural than before I came for the original procedure. I pointed out that for her, the effort was the same, whether it was within a month or several months later.  She said my brows had faded and so it would be like getting a touchup for free.  I saw her point, and quickly volunteered that I would pay the $150 touchup fee, even while I was thinking how I could possibly fit an extra $150 into my budget.  I did this because I try to always be fair and I felt stung that she thought I was trying to take advantage of her.  Just the opposite, actually, because I never got  completed brows in the first place.  But my fairness was met by R insisting that I had to pay the original $400 again, but she would take off $50 and let me pay only $350. I tried to reason with her that that was patently unfair and was not what we originally agreed upon. I pointed out that we agreed on three procedures (the original, the revision and the touchup) within a year for $400 plus $150.  She kept interrupting and talking over me and just kept repeating that she would not do it for less than $350. That would be two procedures for $400 plus $350!!  It's permanent makeup, not neurosurgery!  It was the principle, as well as the money, that caused me to stand and say I was leaving.  I told R that she got my $400 for an incomplete brow and I had nothing but my opportunity to warn others away on Yelp.  At the mention of Yelp, she stood up, slammed the backrest of her chair down and said she would do it for me if I was going to threaten her with a negative Yelp review.  But we were, of course, still in the same place, me not knowing what she would charge, and not trusting that I would get what I wanted since we were both mad.  I left and wrote this review.
This woman is incredible! I went to her for my very first bikini/brazilian wax ever and have gone to her ever since. I honestly dont know what bikini bumps are. She made me feel so comfortable and is the most professional beautician with a big heart. Also there is a reason why she calls herself the eyebrow specialist. She  waxes, threads, and uses tweezers to get every hair and will not let you walk out without beautiful eyebrows. I highly recommend Rizalva.
--Ashlee J.
This kind soul is an expert. Had permanent brows and they are fantastic. I highly recommend her for any looking for an expert in permanent make up!  She offers many other services and all are reasonably priced. Go see her before going anywhere else
I would definitely recommend Rizalva! I found her on Groupon the week before my wedding for a Brazilian and wanted to take a chance and try it so I would have one less thing to worry about during the honeymoon. She is amazing and took such great care of me! When I mentioned that I was getting married, she took a good look at me and explained that my pictures would turn out better if it got eyebrow shaping, tinting, and waxed my upper lip. I have always just tweezed as needed because I don't have much hair to begin with, but figured I'm only doing this once and decided to trust her judgement. She was so right! I never realized what a difference a little bit of waxing and tweezing could do and she did it all at an amazing price. I have never understood why some women are so obsessed with waxing, but I will definitely be a repeat customer after the experience that I had.

Thank you, Rizalva!!
This is the best place I've ever been. Found her on groupon. She was extremely professional. Easy to communicate with via texting. My brows have never looked better. I love that she does a combination of waxing, threading, and tweezing the brows. She also trimmed them so they always look nice and added color which made a world of difference. She's the best. I'll never go anywhere else!
I wanted a fuller, more defined brow, and Rizalva's work completely exceeded my expectations! She is professional, detail oriented and very sweet! I am beyond happy with her work and will definitely return in the future for any needed touchups on my eyebrows. For anyone interested in permanent eyebrows, Rizalva is the best.
Rizalva is a shinning diamond among the rough estheticians I've had down there. Not only does she do an amazing thorough job, she cares. She made me feel comfortable and gave advice on how to make my next appointment more smooth and ways to treat my damaged skin back to beauty. After a long back and forth relationship with waxing I am proud to say I have found the women to help me get my personal grooming back to where I'm comfortable enough to prance around in my bikini with no hesitations come spring!

AND my brows look AMAZING, getting them shaped and dyed has brought my face from basic to BAMB!

Thank you Rizalva, can't wait for our next appointment!
I met Rizalva about a year ago.  To be honest I never thought the services she offered could be of benefit to a guy so I really didn't take her seriously when she would ask me to come to her salon.  Finally I gave in and she is fantastic!  She cleans up the area of hair which I cannot and tops off each session with a mini-facial which is so relaxing.  I am hooked!  Her salon is quiet and peaceful and the products she uses really do make my face feel good after I see her. Her pricing is very affordable as well.  I am looking forward to my next appointment!
I'm obsessed with my new eyebrows & it's only been 4 days! I've received so many compliments & they're still healing. After what I told her my envision was (natural full brows)-she drew them & suggested I raise my arch a little bit along with a couple other small suggestions. The raised arch has made such a huge difference in my eyes!
She is so nice & helpful. She covered me in blankets & put these cozy slippers on my feet. It was very relaxing. We looked at her past work & I told her what I liked & didn't like before getting started. She made sure I was numb before we started. It took about 20 minutes & I was done!
I'm so glad I chose to come here! I have already referred my brother & my mom!
I debated/researched for a year on eyebrow tattooing. I'm so glad I finally did it!
I was referred to Rizalva by a co-worker who had her Eyebrows done with Permanent Makeup. I must say, its the best decision and investment I have ever made.  I was always made fun of when I was younger because I went from having a Uni-brow to having skinny uneven eyebrows thanks to my mothers pathetic attempt at re-shaping and fixing them. Although I am confident in my overall  appearance and look, I have always been self conscience about my eyebrows. I am now SO HAPPY that they are even and almost perfect looking. I am due for my free touch-up next weekend and they will look even more perfect! Thank you Rizalva, I will be recommending you to anyone who ask about my eyebrows and will be coming back for more of your other services.
I went to Rizalva yesterday after searching EVERYWHERE for a good eyebrow shaper. Bought an Eyebrow Shaping session from Groupon for $15 which is a great deal especially if the person doing it knows what they're doing. Rizalva is so sweet and professional and has a very clean studio. Made me feel comfortable from the get go. After shaping my brows I decided to have her dye them as well. I am so extremely happy with them and so happy I finally found someone nearby that I can start going to. She really takes her time and gives tips on how to pencil them in correctly on a daily basis and matching color, etc. It was really nice and a great experience. THANK YOU RIZALVA!
Best eyebrow shaper in South Orange County. Rizalva takes the time to trim wax tweeze and thread until brows are perfect and there is not one hair out of place.  My brows haven't looked this good in years. Glad I found her
This woman is amazing! So kind and professional. She makes you feel so comfortable and you leave with no bikini bumps what's so ever! Also when it comes to eyebrows she knows what she is doing! I have had people mess up or make my eyebrows look uneven and she won't let you leave with bad brows! I have gone to her for a year now and won't go anywhere else! Plus I love the compliments I get on my eyebrows now!
I love coming here to get my eyebrows and waxing done! I highly recommend and will keep returning. Clean and friendly place and I am always happy with the eyebrow shaping. She is the best
Went to Rizalva for eyebrow shaping, facial, and full face threading and could not be happier! I never realized what a difference hair removal could make in my face and after the facial I have never felt cleaner! I would absolutely recommend Rizalva to anyone who is considering eyebrow shaping, facials, or hair removal! She is so sweet and makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable during all of her procedures. Thank you Rizalva!!
Unfortunately I had to update my review. I came here earlier this week to get a touch up because my eyebrows are patchy & faded. Rizalva refused to do it because she "doesn't see anything wrong & they look perfect!" She wasted over an hour of my time arguing & ridiculing me. I am the paying customer. If I want them a certain way she should do that. I didn't pay her a bunch of money for her to do my eyebrows the way she thinks they should be.
I was referred to Rizalva by my friend, who got the permanent makeup on her eyebrows.  Even after 5 days, I thought her eyebrows looked great so I made an appointment. I felt immediately at ease with Rizalva. She was very warm, professional, and very knowledgeable. She used numbing cream so it felt like someone was tweezing my eyebrows. My eyebrows were very dark at first, but I knew this was going to happen. It healed just after 4 days. It looked great!  Rizalva told me to come 4-6 weeks later for the second touch up, which is included in the price. I just came in for my second touch up, and she still spent 1-hour touching up and making it perfect. I think she really understands what eyebrow shape looks best on different faces. I had wanted a certain look originally, and she convinced me that it didn't work with my face. She was absolutely right. I love my new eyerbows, and I don't have to spend any time doing my eyebrows in the morning. She said my skin tone took the color well, and I might not have to do any touch up for two years.This was well worth the investment. After 4 more days, I will take a picture and update my post with my final look.
I've been going to Rizalva for a little over a year for the Brazilian Wax and she has done an amazing job. She's very quick so the pain is over before you know it but shes also precise and gets everything. I had alot of ingrown hairs as a result of years of shaving and she really focused on that since my first day there and there's barely any there now. Thank you
Rizalva is totally amazing! I've wanted to have my eyebrows shaped and dyed professional since forever. I won a gift certificate at a networking meeting and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. Rizalva was able to shape and dye my grey hair away and now I look so much younger and am more confident when I'm around people. I have already recommended her to five of my friends! So professional, I love her and can't wait to return!